Leaky ducts significantly affect the warmth and cooling of a home. Even the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems cannot control the amount of comfort you experience in your living spaces if there are leaking ducts. The loss of cool and warm air to the wrong places inside, outside, or in the unconditioned spaces of a home is significantly reduced with Aeroseal duct sealing because our patented sealing technology seals the ducts airtight.

    With Aeroseal, hard-to-heat or cool rooms will have even temperatures and will be more comfortable. Humidity levels are also easier to control after an Aeroseal.

    Are Your Ducts Costing You Money?

    Homeowners may not ever think about their air ducts. But the fact is, something that most of us never even think about could be costing us a lot more money than we realize. Whether a home is old or new, leaking ducts cost a homeowner money, not to mention the stress it causes an HVAC system.

    • About 50% of the average home’s utility bill is spent on heating and air conditioning.
    • On average, 30 cents of every $1 spent on heating and cooling a home disappears into thin air due to leaky ducts.
    • 25% to 60% of heated and cooled air doesn’t make it to their intended rooms.
    • Duct leakage in homes costs homeowners $25 billion a year in utility costs.
    • Leaks pull mold, dust, and other pollutants into your home causing indoor air quality issues and having the potential to create harmful allergy problems.
    • Leaks contribute to safety issues related to the backdraft of appliance fumes, auto exhaust, and radon gases being released into your home.
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    As of the end of 2013, nearly 100,000 homes have been sealed, with over 200 more homes being sealed every week.

    Aeroseal’s proprietary sealant is a vinyl acetate polymer, which is the same substrate used in hairspray and chewing gum as a base.

    No. The sealant remains flexible and malleable.

    At the time of application, there is a very mild odor, similar to that of Elmer’s glue. However, that dissipates within a few hours.

    Aeroseal does not coat the ductwork—it finds the pressure change across the leaks and seals it.

    Aeroseal has gone through multi-year testing with no signs of failure and is expected to last for many decades. Aeroseal offers a 10-year warranty to the contractor.