Before you turn on your heater the first time this year, make sure that it’s already received some type of heating maintenance in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. Without maintenance, the system is much more likely to break down prematurely, to need costly repairs in the future and to be inefficient. In fact, an unserviced system can drop in efficiency by as much as 5% every year. While that might not be noticeable the first year, it’ll quickly add up. By the time you notice the inefficiency, the heater may be in a dire state.

Heater maintenance includes a thorough inspection of all components, a detailed cleaning of all surfaces and a complete recalibration of the system. All shifted components and parts are moved back to their original location. Moving parts are lubricated and loose screws and bolts are discovered and tightened. HVAC maintenance is fairly straightforward but extremely important for the system. Kalins Indoor Comfort is prepared to service all HVAC types and will have all the parts and tools and the team needed to get the job done in one visit.