Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska AC Tune Up

If you are like most people, your AC maintenance schedule consists of changing out the filters once a month or when you happen to think about it. Kalins Indoor Comfort is a BBB-accredited AC company providing cooling tune ups in Iowa, SD, and Nebraska. There are many benefits to having regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system that most people do not generally recognize.

Air conditioning maintenance, when performed properly, can help a unit maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency throughout its service life. Considering that the average air conditioner will last 10-15 years, this can equate to a rather healthy saving in operating costs.

Beyond this, regular HVAC tune ups can help extend the life of a unit, reduce the possibility of major repairs, and improve the air quality of a building. When you compare the expense of regular AC maintenance versus the savings it can provide, it becomes clear how good a move can be.

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